Getting The Most Out of The Escape Room Vendor Directory

(Last Updated On: May 9, 2019)

EscapeFront recently launched an escape room vendor directory that aims to be the most comprehensive and well-maintained resource of its kind.

As you take a look around, I want to point out a few cool features (and quirks) to help make your experience a good one.

Check it out.

Suggest A Listing

As I mentioned above already, my goal with this project is the have the most comprehensive and well-maintained escape room vendor directory on the planet…and possibly the universe.

But to accomplish this, I need your help.

Directory users like you have the ability to suggest a new listing at anytime by filling out a short form.

Once I receive your suggestion, I will research the rest and add the vendor to the directory.

Simple as that.

Default Sort Order is By Rating

This means that vendors with the highest star-rating rise to the top automatically.


You can also order by Date Added and Title.

Rate & Review Listings To Improve Visibility of Your Favorite Vendors

As mentioned above, the default sort order is by rating.

To make sure the very best vendor listings get noticed first, star-rate companies you’re most familiar with.

And provide a review.

Search by Integrations

This one is pretty cool!

Let’s say you use Buzzshot and want to find booking software that integrates with it.

Simply type “Buzzshot” into the Integrates with advanced search field to see a list of vendors.

You can also see a list of integrations for each applicable vendor within individual vendor listings.

Please note that I’m still working on adding all the integrations. I hope to have this done soon.

Contact Vendors Right From The Directory

You have 2 options to contact vendors from our directory:

For vendors who have claimed their listing, a Contact tab will be visible at the bottom of the listing page with a form to fill out.

Or if you prefer, all contact information, including email address, can be found in the Contact Information tab.

Vendor Categories Are Tags in Disguise

Meaning, businesses may fall under multiple categories. Not just one.

The Location Search Field Is A Little Misleading (sorry…)

That’s because the vast majority of the vendors listed, serve customers worldwide.

But a few of them don’t.

Those that don’t are noted in each listing (example below).

In other words, think of location as area served.

So, unless you’re dead set on a specific location, simply leave the location search field blank or select “worldwide” from the dropdown.

Have Questions or Suggestions?

Reach out anytime.

Please note that, while I do value your suggestions, some requests may be at the mercy of the directory plugin developer. More information about the directory plugin may be found here.

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