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In creating a comprehensive whitepaper 2019 on the deployment of “VR Escape Room” platforms, Immersive Out-of-Home entertainment industry specialist and writer Kevin Williams, of KWP – has compiled a comprehensive four-part feature on recent developments in this field. The impact of immersive virtual entertainment technology adds a new element to the traditional “physical” Escape Room business – but in a sector that is emerging there is a need to define what works, and what is just technology.

The understanding that while the public is fascinated by the prospect of VR, they have yet to invest in this technology for their homes. This offers a great opportunity for VR to grow in the Out-of-Home Entertainment sector first, and for this revenue generator to find a home in the escape-game scene. While this technology is relatively new to the Escape Room business is establishing itself in the commercial entertainment arena and is looking to borrow many of the clothes that has made Escape Room gaming the success it has become.

The first part of this four-part whitepaper 2019 looks at where VR fits in the consideration of Escape Game operators, looking art the “Dedicated Escape Game Experiences”, and supporting content.

The second part of this whitePaper 2019 looks at the “Licensed VR Escape Games” and how content-is-King, as well as “Unique Escape Game creation” that employ VR.

While the third part deals with the cross-over, and the new “VR amusement-based escape-games”, along with those developers adding Escape Room elements to VR development.

The fourth part of this whitepaper 2019 concludes with a look at the “Dedicated Entertainment Facilities” that are deploying a VR escape-game element – creating a new diversity of deployment. While the rest of the report looks at the new “Location-based entertainment” scene incorporating an escape-game narrative and concludes with a “Call to Action” regarding how the Escape Room industry can play their part and profit in the explosion of this new technology,

This is the first, and most compressive look at a technology and business model that will impact all those involved in the Escape Room business – but could also be pointing towards a new future deployment of hardware and software into an industry that must grow and adapt in order to survive. This whitepaper looks at the three key areas of business – Developers of hardware, Operators of facilities, and the creators of the game content that populate the platforms. Rather than a fad, this is the emergence of a brand-new aspect of the Escape Room business, and to ignore it, is a dangerous omission.


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