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Problematic Escape Room Themes (and how to avoid them)

I believe that, when it comes to art, no topics are off-limits. I’m not suggesting that anyone censor themselves or stay away from difficult topics in the work they produce, be that a video game, painting, film, or escape room. However, it is important that difficult topics and controversial themes are addressed and presented with …

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Optimizing Your Escape Room Marketing Budget for Social Good

Parterning with Non-Profits As the Escape Room market in the United States grows, marketing and branding are becoming increasingly important. At Escape Artistry, we’ve gone from being the first room in the city of Chicago proper to being one of many companies with “Escape”-related names. If your business is anything like mine, you’re likely looking …

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Making Escape Rooms More Inclusive

In order for your guests to succeed in your escape games, it is important to make them feel welcome, relaxed, and understood. In my capacity as the owner and manager of Chicago’s Escape Artistry, I’ve created a customer service and inclusion-forward approach that ensures guests enjoy their time with and speak highly of us even …

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